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Stop The Economic Chaos

September 8, 2012

Entropy is the amount of disorder or chaos in nature. And as we all know from experience, left on its own any natural system will exhibit rising entropy, i.e. increasing disorder. For example, an ice sculpture will melt at room temperature, because a puddle of water has more entropy than an ice swan. Or, a manicured lawn will be over-run with moss unless it is constantly attended. Everything in this world tends to turn to crap, unless a lot of effort is expended in preventing it, and even then in the long run (a human lifespan), entropy wins eventually.


Entropy applies to everything in this world, including the economy. Left to itself the economy will turn to crap because economic chaos has more entropy than economic stability (or growth). The problems in the global economy, which are especially acute in the Anglophonic countries, exist because the many, i.e. us, the hoi polloi, the 99%, are unwilling to fight entropy and prevent the 1% from taking advantage of the chaos.


There are many valid criticisms of Distributism-1.0, but the great truth of Distributism is that those who are not willing to expend energy to protect their own interests will be exploited out of existence. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure and on that basis people should be clamouring for courses on basic economic theory. Economics has “laws of motion” just like Newtonian mechanics, but they are conflated with the morality of psychopaths and until people learn how to discriminate between the two, life for the 99% will be an order of magnitude more miserable than it need be.


Lesson number one that people should know is that the debt-based money system is stealing our wealth morning, noon and night. Sometimes it leaks away at 5% per year as “good inflation” and sometimes it drops 30% overnight as another bank is given an open line of credit into taxpayers’ savings, through government debt. The situation is intolerable, and yet it is the one economic topic that is never discussed.


I assure you that unless and until a minister, or his shadow, answering a question on the economic ruin we currently inhabit (and will inhabit for years) starts his response with, “Well of course debt-based money is at the root of our problems…”, then red or blue, nothing is going to change. STOP SUPPORTING THE PEOPLE WHO WOULD OWN YOU. If your family has voted red or blue for 10 generations, you must stop now for the sake of your posterity. If you do not give your support to a sound-money party these hunger games are going to get worse every year that passes.


Only a widespread awareness of the malignant, immoral imposition that is debt-based money is going to improve the economic situation and yet that fact is not promulgated on Catholic blogs. Catholics to a man should embrace and proselytise sound money (i.e. money backed by hard assets, including gold, and thus not capable of being conjured out of thin air by banks and governments). The Church has taken the lead on sound money for hundreds of years. But failure to understand what money is and how it works has allowed socialists within the Church to steer Catholic social teaching away from “the money question” into the economic disaster of a “living wage” and other economically illiterate cul de sacs.


There are many sound money organisations (Positivemoney), and YouTube has videos that explain what the problem is and what the solutions are. No political party will ever adopt sound money as part of its programme – it would be suicide. Did you hear of Ron Paul during the Republican Party candidate debates? Probably not unless you went looking for him; there is a policy of “no platform” for all advocates of sound money. Therefore, the solution is for those who know about it to talk to family and friends and explain that before we have honest money all other attempts at economic change are pointless.


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