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Everyone’s Welcome to Platform Britain

September 12, 2012

“Platform” is a buzzword in finance. When a company offers a service to other companies, that service becomes a platform. For example, several investment banks offer fund managers the ability to launch funds using a common legal structure. The investment manager provides the bright ideas on which securities to buy and sell, and the bank takes care of the legal and practical requirements of running a fund. That way the investment manager doesn’t have to incur the overheads associated with administration, and the bank earns a revenue stream from its platform.

Of course, each platform has its own costs and benefits and those who wish to use the platform can decide which platform provider offers the most appropriate terms for it. Because a platform’s customers are, in effect, renting a piece of the platform, their loyalty is to the terms and conditions of use, not the platform itself. If a better platform comes onto the market, everyone will migrate there.

Successive British governments have created a platform out of Britain. And there are economic and social consequences for those of us who are not in a position to switch to a better platform provider. Or indeed, who feel the whole concept of governments sub-letting space to anyone prepared to pay the fee is immoral and detrimental to the long-term stability of the nation. That is why both socialists and capitalists agree that Platform Britain must be pursued vigorously –  since both ideologies despise the nation state, and ultimately the autonomy of individuals.

Capitalism proceeds faster when people are consumers and consumers are engaged in competitive consumption. Therefore, the sine qua non of capitalist success is the destruction of man’s natural inclination to contemplate, and thereby reverence, God. If we truly believed that in a few short years we would be judged, and that we would live the result of that judgement for eternity, amassing wealth would seem comical. However, promote the idea that this world is all we have and suddenly living a life of satiety becomes imperative. While we might all be capitalists, there is a pecking order. So, small capitalists are vulnerable to the predations of medium-sized capitalists and big capitalists are vulnerable to giant capitalists. For example, the small capitalists around Heathrow are going to have to put up with a lot more nuisance because big capitalists claim it is imperative Heathrow retains its hub status. Will the small capitalists be compensated for the loss of quality of life? Or impact on their children’s exam grades? Or extra time spent in traffic jams? No, because capitalism hides its coerciveness under the guise of wealth, as measured in units of currency. If something has no value in the market place, it is invisible to the capitalist calculus, and while we all know “quality of life” has a value, the little capitalists try to optimise their situation in the short-term by aligning with a party that pretends to support their cause – but self-evidently is run by giant capitalists.

Similarly, if all the little capitalists don’t like immigration (and they never have) why doesn’t it stop? Because the giant capitalists want it. Little capitalists don’t like living cheek-by-jowl in overcrowded heterogeneous neighbourhoods (overcrowded homogeneous neighbourhoods, aka slums, never drove little capitalists away.). So, they move away if they have the means (“white flight”) or if they have no means they rage impotently against the people who arrived at the capitalists’ invitation, and who like them are trying to climb onto the capitalist treadmill (e.g. Emma West; who I assure you was only drunk on a tram in Croydon because she lacked the money to move to Epsom). There was a time when Croydon was a destination for the white flighters…

Well, the reduction in housing benefit, largely cheered by the little capitalists, is going to test their progressive credentials to destruction, because a great many immigrant families will be obliged to move out of central London and into the suburbs of the Home Counties. The grandchildren of the first wave of little capitalists who flew the inner cities are going to be living next door to the children and grandchildren of immigrants, in addition to the new arrivals who continue to come because the giant capitalists will it. Don’t want to see another 500-home complex, complete with “30% social housing” built next to your homogeneous sleepy commuter town? Too bad, the big capitalists are helping the giant capitalists achieve their growth objectives, and the drop in your quality of life isn’t measurable in pounds, and even if it were, the big capitalists have permission to proceed without let or hindrance.

Although capitalism is synonymous with debt-based money – the fictional ability of the central bank to expand or contract money supply at will to regulate the economy, as if the economy were an airplane that responded to their touch – bankers are not capitalists. The bankers are even more powerful than giant capitalists, though less visible. The bankers want to sell more space on Platform Britain because the greater the population, the greater the debt-carrying capacity of the economy. At current levels we are super-saturated in debt, but another 250,000-500,000 potential new borrowers arriving every year means the Ponzi scheme keeps going. It will collapse eventually, but the bankers will be well positioned to capitalise on that too. They will own real property that they acquired in exchange for thin air.

The socialists promote Platform Britain because it’s a step to creating the Communist International and from thence to a global utopia. Labour apparatchik, Andrew Neather, let the cat out of the bag a couple of years ago. His candour was surprising, but that’s all. You may have organised your affairs around maximising your own quality of life, but that must be taken from you so that you join the struggle. Considering their hero, Marx, claimed communists disdained to hide their objectives, socialists are a sneaky bunch. What’s disconcerting is that people let them away with murder prior to gaining power, when they style themselves, “social democrats” or “people’s party”. Socialists have never done anything for anyone but themselves. They are the apotheosis of the phrase, “meet the new mass-murdering narcissists; same as the old mass-murdering narcissists”. I don’t propose to critique socialists’ policies much. The history of socialism is written in the blood of the hundreds of millions of unfortunates who came under their demented control; and who remain under them in a variety of regimes, most notably China and its satellites. Anyone who can’t see that socialism has nothing to offer humanity but death is either willfully blind to the facts (90% of socialists); or fancies their chances of obtaining a cushy managerial job in the nomenklatura (7%); or is a psychotic Chekist-in-waiting (3%). That socialist parties obtain much of their support from Catholics damns the standards of catechesis in the last 200 years.

We need a political movement that rejects Platform Britain; that starts from the premise that many of the most important aspects of our economy cannot be counted in units of currency; that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should; and that the more vulnerable someone is the more deserving he is of our protection.


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