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IDS Exposes Capitalism’s Pernicious Effect on Population

October 28, 2012

It is socialists who are making all the running in decrying Ian Duncan Smith’s suggestion that the unemployed should be limited to two children – presumably as a first step to making the limit one and then none – with predictable complaints that the system won’t work because when people lose their jobs they won’t be able to send back their “luxury children”. There is also talk of “fairness” and “eugenics”, plus frequent comparisons with China’s one child policy, which includes forced abortions at eight and a half months. For data and descriptions on the full horror of China’s OCP see the Population Research Institute website, linked on the right.

IDS is a self-professed (or is it soi-disant?) Catholic and presumably he is aware of the Church’s teaching on human life. But what is the Church’s teaching in this instance? It may be the case that the national bishops’ conferences are four square behind the socialists’ demands that their natural constituency (welfare recipients) are entitled to decide the size of family that suits them and to be housed, fed and clothed accordingly. But at whose expense? The social encyclicals, e.g. Rerum Novarum, Quadragesimo Anno, Populorum Progressio and Laborem Exercens all make mention of a just wage or a family wage, but they do not discuss how employers will provide the just wages. In the short-term, they just hand the money over, but there is no thought on the long-term immplications for such a confiscatory action. The short-term thinking reeks of socialist thinking and I pray, literally and frequently, that the Holy See is made aware of the need to expand its teaching on Distributism/Solidarism beyond its narrow and one-sided analysis.

The UK’s fertility rate in 2012 is 1.91, according to the CIA World Factbook. The steady state fertility rate is 2.1 so the experts say and anything below 1.4 is considered too low to reverse (in under a couple of hundred years anyway). Italy’s fertility rate is 1.4 (Ciao gli italiani!); Spain’s 1.48; Ireland’s 2.01; Greece’s 1.39, Germany’s 1.41 and France’s 2.08.

Why the crisis in births? The principal reason is that the debt-based money system we are cursed with is making us all miserable. Unhappy people do not breed well in close captivity and thanks to the enormous debt burden we have been carrying most of us are fantastically miserable, and do not wish to inflict the misery of debt servitude onto our children. Russians, after living the utopian dream of communism followed by sudden exposure to the free market and expensive money, have managed to get their fertility to 1.43. That’s going to open up a lot of real estate to the Chinese, which they will need in the short-term, but not after the full effects of the OCP are felt.

Since 1971, when the world came off the gold standard, which allowed central banks to print as much debt/money as they pleased, the West’s debt burden has grown exponentially, literally. After servicing debts (on houses, credit cards, home furnishings, cars, holidays and the budget deficit) the average working couple in the West only has enough money left to eat and watch telly. Only those who have managed to take themselves out of the clutches of the usurers, by having no debt or by having no income that the usurer can attack are contented enough to have progeny.

Where is the social justice in the unemployed having as many children as they please? How is it fair that responsible couples, who are more likely to be married, limit the number of their offspring – by contraception – and instead have their wages garnished by the state to give to fornicators unlimited? This situation is a clear breach of natural law. It should be the case that well-nurtured children are themselves capable of supporting more children than the feckless bums whose needs are met 100% through immoral, confiscatory taxation. The natural order dictates that those who are maladapted to the evolution of society, either intellectually or culturally, have fewer children each generation, until they cease to exist. By taking from the fittest and giving to the misfits, the state is turning nature upside down, and nature is not mocked.

The apparent need for a continuously rising population in the West is because of usury and the ever-growing debt burden. The lie that every immigrant coming to a developed economy is beneficial is true only to the extent that it increases the debt-carrying capacity of the financial system. Unless we leverage up the world’s 7+ billion people immediately, the system is going to collapse; everyone says that, but it’s true.

Here is the brutal truth of capitalism, in the form of a poem, with  apologies to Pastor Niemöller.

First they came for the textile workers,

But as I didn’t work in textiles, I said nothing.

Then they came for the skilled heavy industrial labour,

But as I wasn’t a shipbuilder I said nothing.

Then they came for the semi-skilled engineering labour,

But as I wasn’t on a production line I said nothing.

Then they came for the IT programmers,

But as I wasn’t in IT I said nothing.

Then they came for middle management,

But as I wasn’t middle management I said nothing.

Then they came for the marketing directors,

And although I was in marketing, no one could hear me scream

Above the giant sucking sound.


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