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The Vatican Will Become Another Hagia Sophia

December 2, 2012

What is a country? At its most basic a country is comprised of a defined area of land and the people living on it. If either the land boundaries change, or the people change, the country  that it was ceases to exist. For example, Serbia lost Kosovo because the Catholics living there moved out over time and were replaced by Muslims. And naturally enough when the Muslim population reached a certain percentage, they refused to be ruled by Catholics. Similarly, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul was dedicated in 360 A.D. as an Eastern Orthodox cathedral and remained the seat of the Patriarchate of Constantinople until 1453 A.D. From 1204-1261 A.D. it was known as Sancta Sapientia  while it was a Catholic cathedral. Then in 1453 A.D. the Ottoman Empire overran the Eastern Empire and the cathedral was converted to a mosque. It remained a mosque till 1931 A.D. when it was closed, and reopened in 1935 A.D. as a museum, which it is currently.

The sequence of events may be different, but ultimately the Vatican’s destiny is to become a museum too, or another building for public use. After all, there are fewer Catholics in Italy and Italy is running out of Italians very quickly. According to UN data (courtesy of Wiki), Italy’s fertility rate is 1.38. The replacement fertility rate in the West is about 2.1, but can be as high as 3.3 in developing nations with high infant mortality. At around a fertility rate of 1.3 or lower, the population is incapable of recovering its prior numbers. A population can always come back, but it takes time (at least a century), space and access to the resources that will permit population growth, i.e. political power. Italians won’t be in charge of Italy when, if ever, its Italian population gets back to 65 million.

Does it matter who runs the Vatican site? Not really, although the new regime will want to do a bit of redecorating/sacrilegizing initially, and then having made their point, will be content to see it made over to profane purposes. Sure its nice to hear Mass at “HQ”, but Christ is substantially present wherever the priest confects the Eucharist. The art work is superlative, but after a few generations the visitors will look upon the medieval Catholic statuary as we do the Roman artefacts – admirable for their technique, with an interesting backstory.

The shrinking Church isn’t a new idea. Courtesy of Fr. Zuhlsdorf’s website, in 1969 Joseph Ratzinger wrote a book called Faith and the Future, in which the future Pope Benedict XVI opined, “The Church will become small and will have to start afresh more of less from the beginning. She will no longer be able to inhabit many of the edifices she built in prosperity…” Today, we are familiar with parish counts and reorganizations in metropolitan diocese of once-prosperous northern industrial cities, and elsewhere in the UK and in the United States too.

What is depressing and infuriating about the loss of the Vatican, and the tiny incremental steps towards that eventuality, is that not a shot will have been fired in its defense. The West’s Catholic patrimony has been eviscerated from the inside, by fifth columnists within the Church (as prescribed by Antonio Gramsci) and implacable enemies without, i.e. the identity politics promulgated by the Left. Marriage is going to be given the same treatment that Caligula gave the Senate when he made Incitatus a consul. True, civilization won’t collapse when Catholic Churches are obliged to de-register as venues that perform legal marriage, but when the ceremony is split into religious and civil ceremonies, it will be easier for couples to skip the unnecessary one.

There is nothing special about Belgium, yet Belgium is well on its way to transitioning from a post-Christian state to a nascent Islamic one. Currently 6% of the population is Muslim, and in Brussels it’s closer to 25% or 300,000. In second city Antwerp, fully 40% of primary school children are Muslims. Ceteris paribus, in 20 years, the voters of Antwerp are going to want to see Friday as a special day. What then becomes of Sunday? Three-day weekends or split weekends? Or just give Sunday a miss, since no one’s bothered with it for years anyway?

Western economies have failed to deal with the foreseeable (and protested but mocked) consequences of global wage arbitrage inflicted on local labour by capitalism. Since WWII the employment rate and real wages of skilled and unskilled labour have fallen, but the myth of wealth was maintained by the extension of debt, and provided more suckers were dragged into the Ponzi scheme, then it looked sustainable. But now we have reached the point where school children start university or work with debt and every emerging economy is hobbled with unrepayable debt. There is no way out. The powers-that-be claim the solution to a debt crisis is more debt!

The tools of change, i.e. alien populations, have been brought into our dysfunctional economies and since they have left everything familiar to them they have no feelings towards anything that might be precious to us. Away with it all. Welcome to platform Britain – a place to stand while you make a fortune, or get paid to wait.

Is it unCatholic to reject both the welfare state and immigration? The social encyclicals say we should always be a good Samaritan, but the good Samaritan had one unfortunate to look after, not dozens who have deliberately made themselves a burden. I believe the Church’s pre-Vatican II teaching, based as it was on mature consideration of long-term consequences and fairness to all parties, would be more sympathetic than the unfailing Leftism of present Bishops’ Conferences. As Rerum Novarum and Quadragesimo Anno state, high taxes are the same as confiscation of property, which is unjust and everyone is entitled to own private property. Therefore, the Church should show compassion for existing working populations whose take-home pay continues to fall to meet the never-ceasing demands of a welfare state that seeks to house, clothe and feed both native victims of capitalism and the deliberately imported stock of aliens necessary to raze stable, change-resistant European cultures. In a few years we will accept the new dynamics of Trotsky’s and Lenin’s permanent revolution, and all that that implies for our standard of living.


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