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Socialist Fails to Recognise Unintended Consequences (as per)

October 26, 2013

Once again, a socialist’s demand that something is done NOW to fix an obvious iniquity has created unintended consequences that are worse than the inequality he sought to fix.

While he was energy minister under the economic colossus that was Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband was delighted to pass sundry laws against carbon, so that Gaia could heal “and the world would live as one”. As was pointed out innumerable times prior to his setting the country on the path to a carbon-free utopia, discouraging the use of energy by making its cost beyond the means of normal people (i.e. those in the private sector without unions to hold the Treasury to ransom) would lead to hardship – a cost of living crisis, to coin a phrase.

Here we are four years later and the cost of living crisis is upon us, and can Miliband recognise his own hand in the obscenity that is the UK energy market? Of course not. If socialist cause and real world effect are separated by a night’s sleep, no socialist will acknowledge his own hand in the consequences of his actions.

What’s worse, in playing to the gallery by threatening a price fix should Labour get in to power, along comes another unintended but wholly predictable consequence. Sometime after May 2015, Miliband said, gas prices would be fixed for two years (down to 18 months now), so naturally the energy companies got their retaliation in first by raising prices 18 months in advance (the first of two or three probably). Thus, going into Labour’s 18 months of the people’s energy we are to be gouged, but after that halcyon period there will be a period of brutal catch-up and we’ll be gouged again.

It is supremely ironic that socialists, who seek to plan everything, are incapable of planning anything because their operating time frame is that of a goldfish. Once again, the planners are ignorant of the consequences of their actions. Their psychological pathology means they demand gratification immediately while it simultaneously prevents them from acknowledging that their actions were the cause of the misery in the first place. And so they blunder on. Obviously some socialists are psychos and are only in it for the pain.


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