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Proddyism is C16th psychological warfare on workers…

February 11, 2017

…and Catholics who cheer capitalism are victims who have internalised the commands of our oppressors.

Executive Summary

The proddy ideology has nothing to do with recovering the pre-Constantinian Church of Jesus Christ, which is why its “theology” is a self-contradictory joke. Failing German nobles wanted to 1) steal all the land owned by the Church and 2) to live by usury, which the Church condemns as evil. The coprophilic “Fr” Martin Luther was a cat’s paw to justify a revolution with little popular support. Initially resisted in England as dangerous to their position, the idea soon caught on with the Whigs at court who convinced the tyrant Henry VIII that he could clear his debts and stay wealthy by 1) stealing Church land and 2) by usury. So the Church’s land was expropriated (and then the common land “enclosed”), usury legalised, and dispossessed English yeoman started dying like flies along the highways and by-ways of England. And on into the next 100 years or more as the usurious economy embedded itself into society. Many formerly law-abiding Englishmen objected and were disembowelled, or imprisoned and/or fined into destitution. The Whigs injected anti-Catholicism into the DNA of every English control function, from monarch to parish ward so that they would never have to give back the land and always be able to live by usury. As proddyism ran out of steam to justify the mess made of workers’ lives a cadre of philosophers and economists was recruited to explain why the freedom to die in a ditch with one’s hungry children was really a privilege. This glorious economic revolution, where every man has to beg for a job and then hands over most of his wage to the land monopolist and the usurer has come to be known as capitalism. So this Halloween let’s celebrate 500 years of proddyism for what it is, an immoral con and a diabolical parasite in the body of Christendom.


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