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Anti-vax is anti-science: post-Enlightenment amnesia

August 29, 2021

Summary: “I do not wish to reduce the sceptical element in your minds. I am only suggesting that it need not be reserved exclusively for the New Testament and creeds. Try doubting something else.” C. S. Lewis

I have not had nor do I, for the present, intend to get vaccinated for covid (I had covid last year, #naturalimmunity). My unvaxed state has cost me both money and lost opportunities for work and leisure because I am not free to travel. Consequently I am in a militantly anti-vax frame of mind. This has led me to engage with social media by responding exclusively to posts in praise of the rationality of the vaxed, versus the paranoid irrationality of the unvaxed. I often use some version of the Lewis quotation, advising scepticism regarding global issues. What invariably follows is a tsunami of vituperation from 1990s atheists-inspired midwits, who can’t wait to unload their Dawkins script (it’s obvious that the demand for pro-religious comments exceeds the supply by an order of magnitude).

Although I only claim the right to be sceptical about science, this is treated as synonymous with religious conviction. It is clear that they have learned a little script which they regurgitate at the sound of the religious bell, i.e. religion is the manipulation of weak minds because it is unprovable, but science is rational and unbiased. They might even throw in a bit about falsifiability, meaning scientific mistakes will be identified by peer review. So, the vaxed have “science” on their side, and as we know the covid science is settled. The same way that the science is settled for other projects pushed onto us by the “New World Order” or as they style themselves currently, the Great Resetters, e.g. AGW, mass immigration, trans rights and white privilege…to name a few instruments of their tyranny. All of these phenomemena have data and algorithms that prove the claims of their efficacy. And the imprimatur of the powers-that-be.

But what happens to the science if the scientists have been bought and paid for? Why should I swallow whole the claims of government-paid scientists, when everyone agrees that politicians are venal liars, paid by corporations and banks to make laws that allow them to obtain wealth beyond the dreams of avarice?

Therefore, because government insiders in every country have flouted the laws they impose on us, it is not just a character flaw in the apparachiks, it is falsification of the hypothesis and proof-positive that science is just another “religion”. And I refuse to believe just coz they say so. I am also fond of quoting Pitt the Younger…

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