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As a youth, I often wondered why the Catholic Church was under continual attack, despite the fact that in the Anglophone world “the Bishop of Rome” was wholly impotent. And has been for five centuries.Yet, people in public and private will brook no opportunity to slime the Church. Differences in religious doctrine didn’t seem to be sufficient justification to me.

The answer is that the Church has always, and still today, condemns USURY as sinful  (“Although the quest for equitable profit is acceptable in economic and financial activity, recourse to usury is to be morally condemned:..” from the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, para. 341 [current addition: see]).

The “Whigs” surrounding Henry VIII wanted all the Church’s property, and copying the German princes, supported a “reformation” as propaganda to expropriate what was up to one third of the productive land of Britain. Not content with stealing from the Church they came back for the peasants’ land using the Enclosure Acts. So far so good, but then in direct contradiction to the command of God, “in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread…” (Gen 3:19), the “Whigs” wanted to live off the labour of others, which meant lending money at interest, i.e. usury. The Act Against Usury (1545) was another Tudor attack on labour, since it allowed interest to 10%.

In order to keep the Church’s land and practice usury, the “Whigs” had to guarantee that the “reformation” could never be reversed. This they did by inculcating anti-Catholicism into the fabric of Britain and as English conquistadors spread out across the world, they took their rabid anti-Catholicism with them.

Today, the Church is regularly slimed online, and when I or someone else responds the reply is semi-deranged.

All I do is tell them they are the unwitting tools of their unapprehended usurious masters.

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